Mailing Bags


Plus Packaging have consolidated their Mailing Bag range into one comprehensive list of tough, grey, self-seal, quality products.  Made from more than 30% recycled material and 100% recyclable the Mailing Bags are right up to date.

Despite the backdrop of rising prices and supply chain issues you can buy the new range at special offer prices.

Item Product Size Pack QTY
ITM015671 Plus Mailing Bag 1 175 x 260mm 2000
ITM015673 Plus Mailing Bag 2 250 x 350mm 1000
ITM015675 Plus Mailing Bag 3 305 x 406mm 1000
ITM015676 Plus Mailing Bag 4 330 x 483mm 500
ITM015681 Plus Mailing Bag 5 400 x 500mm 500
ITM015682 Plus Mailing Bag 6 525 x 600mm 500
ITM015683 Plus Mailing Bag 7 600 x 700mm 250
ITM015684 Plus Mailing Bag 8 700 x 850mm 250