Efficient, Painstaking, Courteous, Meticulous, Personalised Service

At Plus Packaging, we are addicted to putting our customers first, because we can’t help it!

This family company has been providing solutions for high volume, bespoke transit packaging for over thirty years – we are in the third generation now.

Our solutions are based on recognition of customers needs. It should be simple – you  get the packaging that you need, in the amount you need – when, and only when, you need it. In reality, bespoke packaging can get complicated.

This is how our customers are supported:

  • You are assigned an Account Manager to take the hassle from you, recognising that things change, they carry out regular, scheduled reviews. They will check usages and forecasts to ensure constant supply so that you don’t have to..
  • Ensuring that you always have stock available, we work with you to set up transparent Consistent Supply Deals outlining expected usage and maximum stocks. Once they are in place, we’ll deliver next day with no minimum order quantity.
  • Create space in your warehouse by stocking bespoke packaging on your behalf – you only have to bring in what you use in a day
  • Ensuring that you are using the latest and best packaging for your application by scheduling in three assessments a year to bring value, inspire environmental options and ensure that your packaging is managed lean

Our supply chain ensures that we are competitive in both quality and price. Our thirty years of experience has resulted in a quality product offering.

Our point of difference is our tailored attention to your exact needs and opportunities.


Our Story

Clayson’s and Camey’s

Mr. Dudley Clayson was headhunted by Proctor & Gamble (P&G) as soon as he graduated from University and he was fast tracked into the position of Brand Manager for Camey Soap – which is still a powerful brand. It wasn’t long before Mr. Dudley was promoted to Marketing Manager.

The P&G history for the 1970’s finishes with the fact that “By 1980, P&G was doing business in 23 countries around the world, with sales of nearly $11 billion and earnings 35 times greater than in 1945”. Ok, perhaps not all due to our founder, but we’re certain he had an impact…

After leaving and with an instilled sense of the quality consumers expect from a business, Dudley embarked on his own agenda with a view to building a strong foundation for his growing family to take over. This involved a plethora of roles; commissions for agencies, lecturing and freelance consultancy on business management.

His persistence in testing every avenue of opportunity led him to the Concertina Door sale that changed everything. A deal for 6 enormous concertina doors for the Liverpool Harbour Cranes left him £2000 in pocket.

Clayson Merchants, James Street, Garston grew from that £2000, in 1976. They began selling paper bags to the small high street stores that were prolific in that era.

By the 1980’s Clayson Merchants had expanded into homeware. The younger siblings, Gerard and Matthew joined the company as planned. Under Dudley’s mantra ‘Do as you want to be done by’ the family trio focused on integrity, excellent service and care for the client to grow the company.

Plus Packaging was born, operating under the principle of meticulous, conscientious, personalised service. This naturally led to more growth – and Plus bid a sad farewell to James Street, moving to the Wellington Works. They renovated the old building and the first, serious, warehouse was born.

Eldest son Quentin joined Plus in the 1990’s and the three ‘boys’ put in hard yards. Under the eye of Dudley, their enthusiasm for sales and service bought yet more growth. So much so, they purpose built a warehouse in Foundry Lane, Widnes in 1995.

By 2007 Plus Packaging was over the five-million-pound mark. Innovation and opportunity was a key part of the Clayson repertoire and part of this growth had been a move into underlay and flooring products, a division run by Quentin.

The question arose – was it time to split the company? The answer was yes – QA Products were born and moved to a new premises. Plus Packaging also moved sites, took over the Rum Warehouse on Gaskill Road, Speke and transformed it into the place it is today. At time of writing, the companies combined growth is five times it was then.

The 2008 recession was an incredibly tough time as consumer demand sunk dramatically. The Plus Packaging team knew the one commodity that was always in demand – quality, personal service. This principle led to growth for the company during 2008.

As Dudley stated in one of his last reports for Plus Packaging “Its policies and implementations have been stress-tested by the market trauma of 2008 – 2010, emerging intact and with some measurable degree of progress and prosperity.” This achievement cemented a confidence in the company and its principles.

The last 10 years have bought highlights, investments and culture change.

The sale of another successful spin-off innovation, Nana-Tek boosted the company coffers. This was a scaffolding supply division.

Plus invested in Dynamics NAV, future proofing the company for years to come on a technology front.

The team grew in its diversity and depth, as recruitment focused on attitude and ‘good people’ not old rules and skills. It’s a great place to work, but challenging, nonetheless.

The third generation of Claysons are now in the driving seat. The company’s established values are still on record, still on the walls and still held to by the family and staff. New methods of providing excellent service through technology advances and good business practices are in place.

This is best demonstrated the introduction of 11|4 Service – a same day or next day AM option for our clients. We don’t believe in watching on-line competition and throwing our hands in the air. North West customers can get the friendly, personal service they need with Plus – with all of the speed and efficiency of a major corporate.

And the future? Well, from Dudleys’ last report we know this “Today, more than ever before, buyers are expecting and demanding perfection. And they are unforgiving when they experience something less than perfection”.

We endeavour to maintain the personalised, quality service, and the high standards that the Claysons’ have strived towards, and we are certain that this will continue to pay off for many years to come.