4GV3 115 x 115 x 270mm 2.6Kg 4GV3 Certificate
4GV6 175 x 155 x 213mm 5.8Kg 4GV6 Certificate
4GV1 160 x 160 x 310mm 4.5Kg 4GV1 Certificate
4GV2 260 x 130 x 300mm 2.7Kg 4GV2 Certificate
4GV13 275 x 195 x 300mm 13Kg 4GV13 Certificate
4GV5 270 x 220 x 300mm 5Kg 4GV5 Certificate
4GV7 320 x 250 x 200mm 7Kg 4GV7 Certificate
4GV20 385 x 285 x 300mm 20Kg 4GV20 Certificate
4GV28 430 x 310 x 300mm 28Kg 4GV28 Certificate
4GV40 390 x 390 x 430mm 40Kg 4GV40 Certificate
4GV22 600 x 400 x 300mm 22Kg 4GV22 Certificate
4GV24 420 x 420 x 480mm 28Kg 4GV24 Certificate
4GV35 610 x 410 x 510mm 38Kg 4GV35 Certificate
4GV55 580 x 380 x 440mm 50Kg 4GV55 Certificate
4GV160 770 x 570 x 550mm 160Kg 4GV160 Certificate
4GV216 1170 x 770 x 600mm 4GV216 Certificate
4GV245 1170 x 770 x 740mm 245Kg 4GV216 Certificate

If there is no stock size close to your application, or the weight capacity of a 4GV box does not cover the weight of the goods, you’ll need to get a 4G box made. Plus Packaging offer the complete bespoke make and testing service should this be the case.


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