Pop-up Produce Tray

Our Pop-up Produce Tray is the latest in packaging innovation.

This robust tray assembles in one move – with no creases or folds on the base, ensuring produce of all types arrives at its final destination safely.  Fully stackable and with hand holes for easy transport it improve productivity immediately.  Used by bakers, raw produce providers, butchers and catering companies.  Available in standard size (570mm x 370mm x 120mm) or made to order.



Quick to Pop-up

Eliminate hassle and save time with this unique feature.


No creases in the base of this carton, means no weak points. Ensuring that your products can be transported safely.

Easy to Carry

Hand holes make this product easy to lift and carry, reducing strain on operators.

Build your Brand

Can be printed – spread your message and build your brand.

Environmentally Friendly

Using recycled material to produce, this product is fully recyclable.

Available in PE Coated

A gloss finish on your carton providing additional strength and water resistance.


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