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Excellent Performance, Enhanced Production, Reduced Cost.

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For many years, Paper Tape has been available but, in most cases, the extra cost far outweighed any real benefit.  Companies desire to take up a possible environmentally friendly product has been curbed by the price commitment required.

Subtle manufacturing and material developments have made all the difference to this though and those that are willing to investigate Paper Tape as an option may well be surprised.

Here’s the headline changes:

Less material, stronger adhesive

More cost effective and less tape required

The Plastic Tax

Standard Tapes have become more expensive

Can be used on Dispensers, with silent smooth unwind.

Operator and Warehouse friendly increases productivity

Put practically, one strip of Kraft Paper Tape will perform better than several strips and perhaps H-Taping of a standard packing tape.  Yes, the cost per metre is more – but the overall cost of tape used in an operation can be significantly less.

The implementation of significant plastic taxes further brings the cost of standard tapes up.

Crucially, Kraft Performance Tapes can be used on a dispenser – and have a smoother and quieter unwind than a standard packaging tape.  This means productivity is increased.

These changes mean that being environmentally conscious need not be the only reason to move over to Kraft Performance Tape – there are cost and production savings available!